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For care & safety of patient with mental illness and or addiction, It is mandatory that the patient should be admitted in a hospital which is approved by state mental authority of Delhi (India).

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Why World Brain Center Hospital?

Most of the practices in Psychiatry and Neurology are clinic based, but we are a hospital with a dedicated team of professionals, providing medical facilities in all relevant fields.

World Brain Center - Your beacon of hope for rehabilitation in Delhi

Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape of New Delhi, India, the World Brain Center (WBC) is a symbol of hope and healing for those struggling with mental health issues. Since its founding in 2009, WBC has become a model of excellence in psychiatric care and rehabilitation. In this comprehensive article, we embark on a journey to explore the myriad services offered by WBC, the outstanding physicians who lead our mission, and why discerning individuals seek them out. me for their rehabilitation needs.

Services at the World Brain Center

At the heart of WBC's success is a comprehensive range of services that improve the mental health and wellbeing of our patients. Whether you are an inpatient or outpatient, WBC is committed to providing you with the best care available. Our core services include:

1. Mental Care:
Our psychiatric care is designed to treat a variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and addiction-related issues flooded. Our comprehensive approach focuses on both managing symptoms and addressing root causes.

2. Psychological Advice:
Our team of experienced psychologists and counselors specialize in providing evidence-based therapies, ensuring patients receive personalized support and advice.

3. Rehabilitation Therapies:
WBC rehabilitation programs are designed to help patients regain independence and quality of life. We offer a range of therapies including occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy, all aimed at supporting recovery.

4. Ambulance Service:
Rapid access to care is critical in a psychiatric emergency. WBC's dedicated ambulance service ensures that patients receive immediate attention when they need it most.

5. Inpatient Treatment Facilities:
Our inpatient facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, providing a comfortable and safe environment for individuals requiring specialized care and treatment. 6. Outpatient consultation: WBC offers convenient outpatient consultations, allowing patients to access expert care without requiring an extended hospital stay.

7. Internal Pharmacy:
Our fully stocked in-house pharmacy ensures patients have easy access to prescribed medications, promoting adherence to treatment plans.

8. Medicine Delivery Service:
Recognizing the importance of continuous medication administration, WBC provides a seamless medication delivery service, ensuring patients never miss a dose.

These comprehensive services are pillars of WBC's commitment to providing exceptional care to those seeking recovery and recovery.

Our Expert Doctors

At the heart of WBC's success is our outstanding team of physicians and specialists, each of whom brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to our mission. Drawing on decades of collective experience, our healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing individualized care for each patient. Meet some of the exceptional people leading the charge for the WBC:

1. Dr. Neelesh Tiwari - Head of the Psychiatric Department:
Doctor Neelesh is a renowned psychiatrist with over 22 years of experience treating complex mental health issues. His dedication to evidence-based treatments and patient-centered care has changed countless lives.

2. PhD. Priyanka Verma, Lead Psychologist:
Dr. Priyanka Verma is a seasoned psychologist known for his expertise in all kinds of therapeutic methods. Her empathetic approach enables patients to overcome challenges and strengthen their resilience.

3. Other Notable Psychiatrists and Psychologists working under World Brain Center Hospital along with our critical care experts are : Dr Nivenjeet Tiwari, Dr Ankit Gautam, Dr Niyati Sheokand, Dr Daisery, Dr Akriti Verma, Ms Shrija, Dr Vivek Singh etc

These outstanding professionals form the backbone of WBC's unwavering commitment to patient health.

Why choose World Brain Center?

WBC's exceptional reputation as a leading rehabilitation center in Delhi stems from its core values and steadfast commitment to patients. Here are some compelling reasons why individuals and families choose WBC:

1. Evidence-based Treatments:
WBC's commitment to evidence-based treatments ensures that patients receive the most effective, scientifically validated interventions.

2. Comprehensive Approach:
We understand that mental health is closely linked to physical and mental health. Our comprehensive approach addresses all of each individual's needs.

3. Modern Dacilities:
World Brain Center facilities are equipped with modern technology, ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care.

4. Patient-centered Care:
We prioritize each patient's individual needs and preferences, tailoring treatment plans to promote the best results.

5. Enthusiastic Staff:
Our staff are more than just healthcare professionals; they are caregivers who provide emotional support and empathy to patients and their families.

6. Accessibility:
World Brain Center is committed to providing quality care to all. We provide telemedicine services, allowing patients to receive professional care from the comfort of their home.

7. Participate in the Public:
We actively engage with the community through mental health awareness programs, support groups and educational initiatives to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.


In the field of psychiatric and psychological care, the World Brain Center exceeds expectations and serves as a beacon of hope for those finding their way through the maze of mental health challenges . Our journey through this article has revealed the core essence of WBC - an organization driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, compassion and an steadfast commitment to the health of patient.

As we conclude this exploration of WBC, we invite you to consider us not only as a healthcare provider but also as a partner on your recovery journey. Our dedicated team of experts, state-of-the-art facilities and patient-centered approach ensure you receive the highest quality care. Together, we aim to restore not only mental health but also hope and resilience. In short, we reach out to you, offering support, healing, and the promise of better days ahead. At World Brain Center, your recovery journey starts with us.


Q: What diseases does WBC specialize in treating?
A: WBC specializes in a variety of mental disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and addiction-related issues.

Q: How do I make an appointment at WBC?
A: Making an appointment is simple. You can call our helpline, visit our website or come to our location to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced doctors. We also offer telemedicine appointments for your convenience.

Q: Do you offer telemedicine services?
A: Yes, WBC understands the importance of accessibility and we offer telemedicine services to ensure patients can receive specialized care from the comfort of their home. Telemedicine appointments can be scheduled through our website or helpline.

Q: What makes WBC different from other psychiatric hospitals in Delhi?
A: WBC's commitment to evidence-based care, comprehensive approach, outstanding physician staff and state-of-the-art facilities set us apart. Our patient-centered philosophy and community engagement initiatives further position us as a leader in the field of mental health recovery and rehabilitation.

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