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For care & safety of patient with mental illness and or addiction, It is mandatory that the patient should be admitted in a hospital which is approved by state mental authority of Delhi (India).

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Alcohol & Drug De-addiction Center in Delhi

In the present fast-paced lives and high-stress levels, it becomes very common to resort to the use of mood-altering substances such as tobacco, cannabis, and alcohol that provide a temporary sense of happiness and satisfaction to a person. There is very thin line between use, overuse and finally abuse and addiction of alcohol and drugs. According to the World Health Organization and International Classification of Diseases criteria, there is a very high degree of comorbidity between mental illnesses such as depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, BPAD, Schizophrenia and substance abuse and addiction.

Substance abuse and addiction can preoccupy one’s life and choices to the extent that the person revolves around on procuring and having a substance, at the cost of his social roles and responsibilities. This can also become a major source of stress and hopelessness among loved ones of a person who finds himself/ herself in this trap.
This is where the most trusted and reliable Alcohol and Drug De-addiction center in Delhi, World Brain Center Hospital, provides a ray of hope. Under the able guidance of Dr. Neelesh Tiwari and dedicated efforts by the team at the hospital, comprising of rehabilitation, clinical psychologists, neurologist, neurosurgeons, occupational therapists, a caring nursing staff and best De-addiction center in Delhi. The team of leading De-addiction center in Delhi works on comprehensive measures to ensure recovery from alcohol/ drug addiction and to prevent relapse.

Why World Center is Best De-addiction Center in Delhi?

The biopsychosocial approach followed by the team makes World Brain Center the best alcohol and drug de-addiction center in Delhi. Wbc experienced doctors not only offer medical help but also assist to reconnect with his/her family and to resume social functioning. In the best Alcohol and Drug De-addiction Center in Delhi we offers coercive measures to help people to give up on alcohol/ drugs which are often futile as people resort to these again in case of stress.
The dedicated team of most trusted de-addiction in Delhi helps the clients to develop new life skills, more positive outlook towards oneself and helps them to come up with new coping strategies. This will come in handy whenever the client is faced with an urge to engage in substance use. All of this attained through a judicious mix of medical intervention, psychological counseling and skills and perspectives of psychiatric rehabilitation used by the team.
World Brain Center Hospital is a leading and unique de-addiction center in Delhi which offers an optimal balance of several techniques, approaches, and practices are used including leading and advanced neuropsychiatric interventions, various forms of psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, occupational therapy, and psychiatric rehabilitation.

Often there are many negative connotations and apprehensions associated with de-addiction centers in people's mind, especially in terms of how a person will be treated there.

But in the best de-addiction center in Delhi we focused on humanistic approach adopted in the treatment of people here, wherein the human rights and integrity of the patients are accorded the utmost importance and only the Best Evidence Practices are adhered to.

So, if one is looking for the trusted alcohol and drug de-addiction center in Delhi, then need to look no further than World Brain Center Hospital, which works at relapse prevention and psychosocial rehabilitation and provides a ray of hope in the overwhelming darkness with best proven results.

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