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For care & safety of patient with mental illness and or addiction, It is mandatory that the patient should be admitted in a hospital which is approved by state mental authority of Delhi (India).

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Most of the practices in Psychiatry and Neurology are clinic based, but we are a hospital with a dedicated team of professionals, providing medical facilities in all relevant fields.

Patient Review

My mom was seriously ill for the last 20yrs,even she was unable to perform rituals of my marriage.Though i did not had any hope but i went to dr.Tiwari just coz smbody forced me....oh my God!miracle took place and my mom is now toally fine..she cooks..takes care of all household responsibilites..i think anybody who is disappointed should visit him atleast once..& there u will find lot of people in the OPD saying same kind of experince.
I lead a very stressful life because of the Limelight industry i am into. Heard about Dr Neelesh from other high profile people of the industry also.Came here for consultation with him...From the very minute i met him..i was mesmerized by his knowledge and as i started telling about myself,he instantly understood my problem. His empathetic approach and his treatment have made me lead such a stress free life.Thanks a ton !
Vipin Tanwar
Thank you Dr Neelesh for treating my mother. You have even guided us on phone when required. Thank you.
Amit sharma
Wen i came first time to world brain centre janakpuri .the environment is so friendly and all doctors are so efficient im very impressed dey take special care of patients. dont go anywere all are money making hospitals. just go to world brain centre and have best treatment. my treatment is doing dr neelish tiwari he is a gem person and veryy experienced doctor im veryy impressed he treats u like a brother im so satisfied.i will give 10/10 im so happy thanks. you alll need good care and best doctors to cure and ofcourse god.
My cousin sister Pushpa was suffering from high stress levels and frequent headache. We showed to lot of doctors and got all the relevant tests done but did not get results. We went to Dr Neelesh Tiwari and our experience was so good. After the 1st visits which was a 30 min session with doctor and around 45 min session with psychologist , we saw improvements. Best part of this hospital World Brain Center was the personal touch given to us by the doctor and his entire team. I will request all the people who are not able to handle stress or have relationship problems should visit this place. I am so confident because i have seen results for my cousin. Feel free to contact me to know more of our experience at 09mahi@gmail.com
My daughter was suffering from Bipolar Disorder and from last 11 years tried all the treatments across India but to our disappointment no one was able to treat my daughter.Infact her condition deteorated. I was told about Dr Neelesh Tiwari from a friend in Delhi.We came half heartedly but our very 1st experience made us very happy. We saw a Ray Of Hope as soon after 7 days of treatment my daughter started showing signs of treatment.Then Dr Neelesh adviced for hospitalization.After 3 weeks my daughter was much better.we came all the way from Ludhiana every 15days for next 3 months and then every month. Today just because of DR NEELESH TIWARI and entire team of WORLD BRAIN CENTER HOSPITAL, my daughter is leading a normal life.
My son had major relationship problems, severe mood swings and no control on his anger. He was of a very unstable mindset. After 1 month of hospitalisation and 6 months of regular treatment with the doctor at World Brain Center ,my son is better now. His anger is controlled. His mood swings are better and best part is he has started to value relationships with all family members. Today my family is happy and all because of Dr Neelesh Tiwari.
My Son was diagnosed of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In the school he could not concentrate and had lot of behavioral complaints.Even in the house, he would hit my younger son and things were out of place.On the contrary my younger son was just the opposite.We consulted a pediatrician and he told us about World Brain Center Hospital.We consulted Dr NEElESH TIWARI and DR Archana . After 12 consultations/sessions my son is changed.He has started scoring better in class and has stopped hitting my younger son.His hyper activity is also in control. I will recommend all the parents that if they are getting complaints from school related to behavioral problems or lack of concentration ,they must meet Dr Neelesh and Dr Archana.
My father aged 55 years, suffering from High Bp,Diabetes and severe depression. He was hospitalised at World Brain Center Hospital under Dr Neelesh Tiwari jee. Medication along with counselling and relaxation therapy was given. Its is almost 6 months now and he is better.Ever 2 months we are visiting the doctor and we are highly satisfied with the treatment. Thank you World Brain Center Hospital for treating my father.
Simpi Poddar
No words to express my gratitude to Dr Neelesh Tiwari for making our life worth living. My son entered into severe depression and lost all interest in everything. I started blaming myself for all this as child was exposed to family disputes. After consultation with Dr Neelesh Tiwari sir and psychological sessions with DR Archana both for me and my son, drastic results are seen. My son is much better and I am also able to cope up with all relationship issues easily. My heartiest Gratitude for Dr Neelesh Tiwari Sir and Dr Archna
Dr NEElESH Tiwari ji, thank you for treating my son who was suffering from seizure .He was having carpopedal spasm,involuntary movement of limbs, frothing from mouth and unconsciousness. He would get seizures very frequently.We went to doctors and all alternative forms of medicine but nothing worked.Finally we checked on internet and came to know about World Brain Center Hospital .We came here for consultation and followed as doctor advised us. Today my son is in a much better state.Thank you for treating my son.
My son is suffering from CP (cerebral palsy) From last 2 years we are getting the treatment done with Dr Ritika who is an occupational therapist .She handles my son so very nicely and child is showing lot of improvement.my child is able to walk now. Thank you Dr Ritika. God bless you!
There is always a taboo seen if we say we are going to meet a psychiatrist.Infact, in the fear of the same, my sister was deprived of any treatment. Infact except going to a psychiatrist doctor, we went to all ojha, neem hakin ,pundits and whereever relatives told us. Finally health and mental state of my sister worsened. Fighting with all the odds and situation of family members ,finally got my sister to dr Neelesh Tiwari sir. She was hospitalised here for couple of weeks and today she is leading a very normal life. Thank you dr Neelesh for helping my sister and councelling the entire family .Seeing my sister lead a normal life,i feel happy that i got her here for treatment. Please,consult a psychatrist if required...am saying all this because i have seen my sister`s condition. Thank you Dr Neelesh..you doing a wonderful job.
Rajesh k maan
I was ill ,lethargic and was having more than 20 complaints.I went to so many psychiatrists and neurologist in the last so many years but no improvement took place and i stopped going to my office .my business suffered alot and i was totaly disappointed before going to wold brain center.After showing to Dr.Neelesh within a month i improved alot and after 6 weeks i started going to the office and now i m perfect and again doing very good in my business.Thanks to Dr.Neelesh Tiwari and world brain center.
Excellent patient care & personal attention of Dr Tiwari enabled us to take our patient back to normal life now he is performing well in his field.god bless Dr Tiwari.THANKS
My friend Sachin aged 31yrs (Rohtak),suffering from last 2 yrs from severe depression. He also had a problem of being suspicious , always negative about everything. He had major mood swing problems and he would get violent at times and hit himself. He would even go the extent of banging his head on the wall. Now he is taking treatment from Dr Neelesh Tiwari Ji at World Brain Center and very good results seen. His treatment is going on and he is showing good signs of improvement.Credit goes to Dr Neelseh Tiwari and all the staff of the hospiatal.God Bless him !
My child was not performing well in school and every month we were called to school because of his non performance. Initially we started his tutorials but no results. Then we came to know about World Brain Center where special treatment was given to children.My child was given special occupational therapy and we were also given sessions by psychologist to cope up with this situation.We are able to handle the child much better and child is also showing improvement in class. Thanks to Dr Neelesh Tiwari ji and Dr Archana for it.
My daughter was settled in U.S.A. and was working there as software eng. She had some mental illness there whose diagnosis was not clear as doctors were having diff. opinion. she recovered partially from the illness but had to come back to India as her job was lost & husband was unable to live with her .coming back to India and loosing job & husband, further added to her illness and she became so violent and aggressive that we had to admit our sweet daughter to a psychiatric center. We kept on changing doctors and institutions, more than 2 yrs passed but our daughter did not recovered. The last center which is very old and famous one was the worst .They do not allow family members to meet their patients regularly .one day on our strong persuasion when we were allowed to see our daughter we saw she was drugged unable to speak & many pets there were in the same state. Urgently we left that place & took our pt. to World Brain Center next day. Improvement was evident right from second day .in world brain center there is no differentiation between mentally sick & other pts. and relatives can even stay with their patients. after 3 weeks of stay our daughter improved to such an extent that she stated working on her laptop which was a dream for us. we r so pleased to Dr.Neelesh and his Hnuman ji whom he prays that really some magic is there and not only my daughter we saw lot of chronic patients recovering there. God bless him.
shailendra kumar
Loss of libido problem remain occur so please give me cream as soon as possible.Shailendr from patna
Thank you soooo very much Dr Neelesh Tiwari and his team. I am 34yrs and an IT software engineer.i was not able to get the job because of recession and i landed up drinking alcohol and taking drugs and my dependency on alcohol and drugs increased and i was completely gone. My parents tried to send me to rehab centers in kerala and other places but i would not co operate .Finally my parents came to know about DR NEELESH TIWARI at WORLD BRAIN CENTER . We came all the way from Bangalore to meet him. He hospitalised me and he conv ienced me to stay back. 2 months i stayed in the hospital and now ever 3 months i go and meet the doctor in Delhi.Today i dont even touch alcohol and drugs and I am leading a very healthy life. I have got a job also. All this has happened just because of Dr Neelesh Tiwari and his team. THANK YOU Soooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH
My mom was saved here.so world brain center is the most honored place for me.I wish all the doctors of WBC&RI BEST OF LUCK AND REGARDS
Thanx Dr Neelesh & Dr Archana for your counselling and treatment for Marital Disharmony. After couple of sessions with you ,my life seems to be settled. Thank u
My husband was working for an elite MNC organization and because of high stress levels and ors...he used to drink alcohol and gradually his drinking habits became bad to worse. Lot of violent and agressive behaviour was seen. He lost his job! By the time he realised..it was tooo late.We checked for alcohol deaddiction centers from just dial. We got lot of calls and we were confused. We got options from Rs6000 to 2lacs for deaddiction. We were so confused. We got a call from world Brain Center hospital also.They told us to come and see & understand what exactly they do in deaddiction. They sounded genuine so we went there. We meet Dr Neelesh Tiwari sir and all our queries were answered and our apprehensions were gone!. My husband was hospitalized and the charges were so very reasonable. It was value for money and also my husband got a very personalised treatment. After 4 weeks of stay in the hospital, my husband does not touch alcohol at all.Thank you World Brain Center Hospital.
Subhayu das
My brother was a chronic alcohol addict .We wanted him to stop drinking but all in vain. We tried to hide him and his bad habits from the society and would never let him out. We sent him to various rehab centers but he used to run away from it. Finally we decided to send him to a place where it would be difficult to come back to kolkata all alone. We cheched out in delhi and found out World Brain Center4 Hospital. We sent all the reports and details to Dr Neelesh Tiwari ji and all arrangements were done. I coaxed him to come to Delhi along with me and we reached the hospital. My brother was hospitalized and we were told to go home and come back after 4 weeks. I was apprehensive and was scared whatif my brother ran away from here also. I left him there and came back. DAily i used to get a call from hospital and updates about my brother. After 4 weeks when i went, i felt a change in my brother. We come once in every 2 months for the follow up. My brother has stopped drinking and we are not scared of the society also. Thank you to the entire team.
Myself Prakash,32years staying in Delhi. I had lot of losses in my business and family life got spoilt . Gradually i started drinking and ruined whatever i had. Everyone left me! My best friend came for my help and called to World Brain Center Hospital and told my situation. Within half an hour, ambulance was at my residence and i was hospitalised. I was given treatment ,love care & affection and lot of counselling was done. The thought that i am a loser was taken out of my mind...counselling sessions along with medications worked. Today after 1 year ,i am able to restart my business..my loved ones are with me and last but not the least i realised ,If we are in problem,we can share with friends..they will help us out. Alcohol & drugs is not a solution! Thank u dr Neelesh Tiwari sir & Team!!!!!!!!
Thank you Dr Neelesh & Team for making my son self confident..strong and helping him be free of Alcohol & Drugs...Thank u soooo much.
I am a class 10th student studying in an International school . i love extra curricular activities rather than studies .I scored less marks throughout and always used to be nagged by teachers & parents. Seeing my poor performance in school i was brought here for counselling. During the counselling sessions, the Doctor understood my problem so easily and she counselled my parents also. Today, my parents also know my area of expertise and what i want to be. I promised them that i will study and have no aversion for studies . Thank u
I was told by the counselors in my child`s school to get the IQ assessment done for my child.We checked the net ,took appointment and came to WBC. After the IQ assessment, when the reports were given we were shattered...Dr Archana told us, if some sessions were given oth to the child as well the parents, things could be better. We agreed. And now its 4 months..we see better results. Thank you for proper guidance!
My son was hyperactive and always would do crazy things to seek attention. At times,in the social gatherings it used to be very embarrassing for me and my wife. Gradually we stopped going out because of this behaviour. Same thing would happen in school and practically daily my wife had to go and meet the class teacher. We met the family doctor and he recommended World Brain Center Hospital .We took appointment here with Dr Neelesh Tiwari Sir . He diagnosed my son as ADHD . My son is undergoing occupational therapy along with counselling sessions for me and my wife. We see some improvement and we know by having patience and continuous treatment, things will be much better. Thank you World Brain Center Hospital.
Deepika, 24yrs old. MBA from a reputed college but could not get job during college placements. Underwent depression . My family took me to a physician where i was told to meet a psychiatrist. Hearing this, my parents felt that their daughter has gone insane and what if society will come to know ..who will marry!. They told the physician to do the treatment. But he was clear that i should visit the psychiatrist.Somehow my parents took me to World Brain Center hospital and kept on saying..what if people will come to know we went to a psychiatrist. We met Dr Neelesh and he started my treatment. After 2nd follow up...my parents went and thanked Dr Neelesh .They told him the entire delima before they came here...society..fear of people knowing..etc. Dr Neelesh explained the myths and facts of a Psychiatrist . Today...my treatment is going on well and my parents tell others also to go to World Brain Center Hospital incase they suffering from Depression, Mania or any such problems..Thank you for changing the perception .
Thank you for treating my headache. Used to suffer from severe headache..got my eyes checked ..went to various drs and dis did everything possible. My friend told me that she got her treatment done in World Brain Center Hospital and she is better. I came here also. I am taking the treatment from Dr Neelesh and my problem of headache is completely treated.
Ramesh Dingh
Thank you Dr Neelesh Sir and team for treating my son who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Today its more than 1 year he has stopped drinking and is leading a normal happy life. Thank you for giving us this happiness.
Dr Neelesh has helped our family in a big way by saving my mother`s life. Doctors in one of the leading hospital said that no hope is left for my mother. Then to take 2nd opinion we got the reports to Dr Neelesh . Night 11pm he saw the reports and asked us to shift my mother here in World Brain center Hospital. Overnight my mother was shifted and proper treatment was restarted. After a stay for 1 month in hospital, mother is much much better. Thank you Dr Neelesh. Where there is no hope, Dr Neelesh sir is there
I used to lead a very stressful life because of relationship issues, professional issues etc. All this made me dependent on alcohol. Finally I ruined all. My sister forcefully got me hospitalized . When the treatment started, I was told that I am suffering from liver cirrhosis . My condition was not good. Dr Neelesh sir and team tried their best. With love care and affection they used to treat me. Dr Neelesh would personally spend time with me and gradually he changed my thinking process. 2 months I stayed in the hospital for treatment of Alcohol deaddiction and liver cirrhosis. Every month I come for my follow up . I really thank my sister for getting me to this place and dr neelesh sir and team for motivating me to stop drinking.
I was suffering from mood swings, at times would hear crazy noises and would see stupid people around meinfact all was imaginary. When my parents saw such a wired behavior of mine, we came here. Dr Neelesh sir started my treatment and today all thefears and phobias I have are all gone. As per instructions of Dr Neelesh sir, I take my medicines daily and inspite of busy working hours come once a month for my follow up.
Madhu Gupta
My son is very ambitious but because of a major accident, he could not appear for the final exams of MBBS. He landed up in depression and this was affecting his progress in health. We were told about Dr Neelesh Tiwari sir. We had to coax our son to get him to his hospital. After 1 hour of consultation with Dr Neelesh, we could see a ray of hope. Gradually my son himself would remind us about the date of appointment with Sir. Today, its 8 months and we are happy to say that my son is trying to study for his final year exams and is ready to face the challenges of life. All credit to Dr Neelesh Tiwari.
Pritpal Singh
DR Neelesh is a wonderful and best doctor I have ever come across. I had a paralytic attack 3 years back and was bedridden. All naturopathy, physiotherapy were given ut not much results were seen. My son happened to cross the hospital and seeing the name World Brain Center Hospital stopped to enquired. After a week he took all my reports and showed to dr Neelesh. Then I was taken to Dr Neelesh . He changed all my medicines and reduced to half the quantity. He asked us to continue with some exercises. Today, I am able to do most of my personal work ,check my mails and in a much better healthy. All because of Dr Neelesh. God Bless Him!
My brother was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since 7 years. After visiting couple of doctors we came to World Brain Center. From last 1 year treatment is going on . On the very 1st visit we were told that along with medicine if Psychotherapy is taken the results would be better. We did as told by the doctor and in 7 months drastic improvements were seen. Sessions with Dr Archana were a great experience .Just because of DR NEELESH TIWARI sir and DR Archna ji my brother is back to work.Thank you!
I had shaking hands, difficulty in sleep, profuse sweting, nausea, restlessness, increased blood pressure. All this because of excessive intake of alcohol. I was hospitalized in World Brain Center Hospital and my treatment continued for 1 month..now its more than 6 months I have not drunk alcohol. Thank you to all for helping me come out of this addiction.
I was suffering from Intense Anxiety, increased shaking of hands,sleeplessness,increased sweating,increased blood pressure and also epilepsy from last 8 years. Tried doing everythingpossible.Took Ayurvedic medicine,Homeopathic medicine,went to ojha and everything people said to get my epilepsy treated. Finally we went to World Brain Center Hospital . Dr Neelesh Tiwari Ji started my treatment. Today problem of Anxiety,shaking of hands and all avove are treated. My Epilepsy attacks are also very less. Thank you Dr Neelesh.
Very empathetic doctor. He handled my aggressive son so well. I cant believe, my son who would never listen to anyone ,listens to everything dr neelesh says. My son has become very very less aggressive and is taking medicines. Thank u dr neelesh
My daughter never used to make eye contact,would never smile when smiled at,would never respond to her name and neither to a sound of a familiar
My brother`s son was 2years and would not talk.He was even slow in learning toilet training and feeding biscuits independently.He would show tantrums and would become aggressive also.We met the paediatric doctor and we were referred to Dr Neelesh Tiwari at World Brain center Hospital. Doctor neelesh diagnosed the child of Mental Disabilities. Hard to accept but still in hope all would be well. gradually occupational therapy,speech therapy and day care was started at World Brain Center Hospital. Thank you sir for treating my brother`s child and providing so many facilities under one roof.
Anil Kumar
Thanks to Dr Ritika, dr Archana and Dr Neelesh Sir for taking good cae of my son who is Autistic. Thanks Dr Neelesh for your timely suggestions and treatments. Occupational therapy and medicines given by Dr Neelesh are working wonders .
Deepika kapoor
Everything is so good. my niece is improving since the day i took her to WBC . i recommend everyone for this. i am so thank ful to WBD
Everything is good
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Ravi Chawla
Treatment is ok, but testing budget is very high
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